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& Protect Your Trading Cards

Get your cards graded by our professionally trained and highly experienced graders.

At GetGraded we have a database of over 200k+ cards from a huge collection of trading card games – Our database is forever growing!


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Card Database


A Bit About Us

A team of highly driven members who have been in the collectables world for the better part of the last 30 years.

We are a mixed and diverse group who all have our specialities within different TCG’s making our knowledge of all trading cards and collectable card games very vast.

We Grade Every TCG and Every language as long as they are standard size licensed and an official release.

Our self built database comprises of over 200,000 cards and growing daily.


Certificate Checker

Use our validation tool to check the authenticity of a card thats graded by us.


Understanding The Process

Get Graded have professionally trained and highly experienced graders who grade to the highest standard in the industry.

Offering impartial authentication and grading services. All cards authenticated and graded are returned encapsulated using ultra sonic welding methods to ensure the best protection. Get Graded have already become a market contender. We’re always reviewing our processes to ensure we follow our satisfaction guarantee throughout the grading process.

Each Card is scored on 4 sectors, Surface – Edges – Corners – Centering then an average is found to finalise the cards overall score, Please note your overall grade can only achieve 0.5 – 1 grade higher than your lowest subgrade if the average allows it. 

 Our Grading scale ranges from 1-10 including 8.5 & 9.5 only we do two types of 10 grades Pristine & Flawless and we also award A (authentic) – M/C (miscut), And we do recognise some known errors Please check with us if you have any queries.


Grading Scale

Your overall grade can only score .5 to 1 whole grade higher than your lowest sub-grade


Please note, We have the right to decline any Signed/Autograph cards unless they are certified by a 3rd party company for example ‘Topps Certified Signature Holographic Tape’. The Maximum Thickness we can encapsulate is 130Pt.

No damage or imperfections on the card with perfect 50/50 centering.

No minor damage or imperfections on corners/edges/surface. With 60/40 centering.

Some minor imperfections, No whitening on corners/edges, one print line, with 60/40 centering.

Some minor imperfections, including whitening on one or two corners/edges, one or two minor print lines, with 60/40 centering.

Minor imperfections, including whitening on one or two corners/edges. Light surface damage/print lines. With 70/30 centering.

Minor imperfections, including whitening on some corners/edges. Light surface damage/print lines. With 70/30 centering.

Moderate imperfections, including whitening and silvering on corners/edges. Light holographic and surface damage.

Major imperfections, including whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Increased holographic scratches and heavier surface damage such as a single crease.

Major imperfections, including heavy whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Numerous holographic scratches and heavier surface damage including multiple creases.

Major imperfections, including very heavy whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Heavy holographic scratches and surface damage including multiple creases.

Excessive imperfections, including very heavy whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Heavy holographic scratches and surface damage including deep creases.

Excessive damage, including heavily damaged corners/edges. Excessive whitening and silvering. Deep holographic scratches, heavy surface damage and multiple deep creases.

95% of the card is still intact. Excessive damage to corners/edges. Including excessive whitening and silvering, extreme surface damage and multiple deep creases.

Authentic, the condition of the cards is extremely worn, excessive creases , extreme corner and edge damage or less than 95% of the card intact.

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      • When Do I Pay?

        Customers will pay for their order when they place their order on our website.
        As a customer you can choose to pay immediately with a bank card or spread the payments using Klarna.

      • How Long Does It Take?

        There are Different Turnaround times depending which service level you have paid for.
        Please note the times displayed are estimated completion times and are based on an average, we do always aim to complete your submission within the times displayed but delays can happen.

      • Can I Bring My Cards Into GetGraded?

        Yes. You're always Welcome to drop your card(s) off at our office and collect them when complete please note we also offer a walk in service where your card(s) will be graded while you wait.

      • Why GetGraded?

        We Pride ourselves on our ability to grade at the highest level of industry standards, our simple but sleek labels are designed to keep the focal point on the artwork of the card inside. With our high Quality cases and highest Quality Grading we are leading the way for grading in the UK & Europe.

      • How Can I Contact GetGraded?

        You Can Contact us on any of our Social Channels but Discord or Email is Preferred all information can be found on our linktree below,


      What People Say

      Check out our trusted reviews.

      Fantastic Service Kevin McAdam

      Fantastic Service. Communication with Kieran via the Discord is brilliant and he is always happy to help and lend his experience, knowledge and advice. Graded 3 cards and all 3 came back in great packaging, beautiful slabs and in a timescale I cannot complain about in comparison to sending to American companies.
      Got a 2nd batch ready to go and will continue to use GetGraded for all mine and my sons cards....need to get onto doing comics ASAP!

      The most nicest people Terry

      The most nicest people. Great delivery always on time and 10/10 would always recommend to everyone I talk to ❤️

      Great UK grading service CheekyStann

      Great UK grading service. New ownership definitely improved service times. I like the sub grading on the labelling as it gives card owners the ability to see why cards possible drop / gain a grade. Slabs are fine for me and cards don’t rattle around. Never had issue with any card damage or anything like that. Tend to track US Beckett on grade quality. Top quality grading service.

      Best UK Grading Company, Ignore The Trolls! SnivyTCG

      Excellent service, fantastic grading standards as always! Had over 300 card back and they're always great quality! Ignore the people giving bad reviews due to them not getting the grades they want or if the way time goes over the "approximate" 6-8 weeks stated on the website! Don't be put off by trolls! 🙂

      Great Submission with GetGraded Philip Hawthorne

      Under previous ownership I would haved waited weeks for a reply to a simple email or never get one. Recently Shane had replied to my message within an hour and had my problem sorted instantly. As a customer I felt truely valued and looked after. I hope they continue to shed the problems and mistrust caused by previous ownership because these guys are working hard. I 100% trust them with my cards. I will be using them again